Services & Products

Body Building

Sri SRM Fabricator has great expertise in bodybuilding for heavy vehicles and in specific to tippers. It fabricates the sub-assembly for the fitment of the tipping gears - assembles and fits them to tippers. Great care is taken to loading aspects and critical dimensions so as to ensure rigidity in the fields even in mines and quarries.

Machining and turning

Precision components are machined to upto .01mm tolerance. Components are machined to rough finish using precision traditional lathes and then fed into the CNC floors to save time and make it economical for its customers. We give our customers machined components in ready to use form.

Special casting

We also machine components made of Gunmetal, Phosphorus Bronze and Aluminum Bronze for critical movement and load bearing areas. We have the state of art of castings done on tested gunmetal ingots and then machined to precision.


We also make rough cast iron and machine them for ready use.


We have the facility to electroplating components as per your specification. We can also assure and ensure even coating in all types of pressed, machined or fabricated components.